Textile Artist

Maggie Pearson

Maggie is a botanical printer living and working in Liverpool. With a love of textiles since she was a child, she has been printing with leaves and natural dyes for over three years and has been teaching botanical contact printing for two. Her professional background and career in education means that Maggie understands the need for clarity of purpose in courses, and places the student at the centre of her approach. Understanding that students have different learning styles, she presents her material in a range of forms so that you can learn in the way with which you feel most comfortable.



"This was a fabulous day with Maggie. All the processes were clearly explained and questions answered. The workshop was delivered in a relaxed and encouraging way and was an ideal introduction to “Eco” printing. The results given by the onion skins on the silk scarves were lovely. Would like to book another to develop my knowledge of the subject. Highly recommended.”


“I really enjoyed the workshop. I feel more confident and enthusiastic to experiment now, as I understand some of the basic principles.”